What kind of API's do you have?
We have free API's, paid API's, as well as any type: SOAP, REST etc. Anyone with an API can create an account and list it on the site.
How can I test an API?
We allow users to test any of the API's on our site with a trial period. Find an API your interested in via the search page, and click on it to view the details. Each API has its own page with a button called "Generate testing token". Clicking this button will grant you limited access to the API to test it out via the sellers testing token.

Under the "Generate testing token" button is the Example section where you can test the API. Clicking on any of the examples will send a request to the API on the back-end of our site, and allow you to test the API without receiving credentials or a testing token.
Can I pay with multiple credit cards?
Yes, you can subscribe to two different API's and use different credit cards for each of them.
Do you keep my credit card information?
We do not keep or store any of our users information and are 100% PCI complient. All of your sensitive data is processed by Stripe. https://stripe.com/ca To make a new purchase you will have to re-enter your credit card information.